New Years

Limited One Time Membership Offer

Self Care, Rejuvenation, Time out, is what every woman needs in their life.


Hair Maintenance is just a bonus and adds to your self esteem, confidence, and presentation.


Are "You" putting yourself first for this years New Years Resolution? 

You have a heart of gold and always seem to put everyone else on your to do list first before you even get to think about nurturing yourself, you put the time and effort into your family, your friends, but do you put time aside for "You"?...


The only time you put into yourself is when there is a special occasion, but is that enough?...


Ask yourself right now how often do you pamper yourself?... how nice would it be to feel this way all the time! 

You will never have to think about making a appointment, never have to worry about how much your appointment is going to be, all you have to do is pay your weekly payments, turn up to your pre-scheduled appointments and your hair is sussed all year round!

What is a VIP Membership?


A Membership Programme for Hair is unheard of these days, everyone gets confused as to what this is and what it entitles you to. The simplest way to explain this to you is its exactly like a Gym Membership, except you dont have 24 hour access.


You pay a weekly fee, you have a number of appointments per year which are already pre booked on the day and time that suits you best. 


Every time you come in for your pre booked appointments you get to Relax, have time out, Be pampered, and have your Hair done however you like without the stress of having to pay a hefty bill at the end of your service. 

Yes you read that right! You dont even have to bring your wallet! 

Your service is Pre Paid! Pre Planned! and Pre Booked! 

All you have to do is Turn up and Relax!

Reggae Bristowe

2019 New Years VIP Member

I'm a mother of 5 beautiful blessings, they keep me grounded and often run off my feet, like most mothers, we put ourselves last. So to be honest, be lucky if I paid a hair salon one annual visit let alone many. When the option of subscribing to my very own tailored hair care plan came up, I jumped to the occasion. Previously, you could often find me scrolling through the box hair dye section in the supermarket, which almost always left me feeling dissatisfied and with really damaged hair.
I will always remember my very first appointment with Sylvia, my hair was burnt and broken from diy bleaching jobs, it was like the hair gods had answered my prayers, she fixed me up and had me feeling and looking a million bucks.

I never thought I'd have the opportunity to have regular stella hair appointments at the fraction of the cost, and discounts. The weekly payments make it very ecconomical aswell. Each appointment comes around so fast, I've always been pleased with each hair appointment, the ladies show a genuine interest and have excellent people skills.

I totally recommend anybody signing up on one of the hair plans available, your hair will thank you for it

Discounted Services

VIP Members get VIP Treatment, all members save up to 30% from our Full Price Menu. Any extra service that you come in for that is not included in your Membership, you get a further 10% off!

Why will the Vip Membership Benefit me?

  • One of the mains reasons is simply because this is the perfect opportunity for you to feel your absolute best by maintaining your Hair through out the entire year by paying a weekly, fortnightly, or Monthly fee.

  • Goals are put into place for you, so we can work towards achieving the result you wish to achieve in a professional environment. 

  • You save with your VIP discounts Instead of paying prices from our Full Price Menu, you save up to 30% on all services.

  • All appointments are pre scheduled, and pre planned, when you come in for your membership appointments you pay no more in the salon unless you wish to upgrade and have another service that is not included in your membership plan. 

  • All appointments and services that are not included in your membership plan, you do have to pay for on the day, however you get a further 10% off our VIP Menu.

  • Payments are unable to be transferred to other services on our price menu

  • Payments can be changed to fortnightly or Monthly, but must be requested after you join our membership programme.

  • If you refer a friend to our membership programme you will recieve a $20 voucher to go towards any extra service in our salon.

  • All your appointments on your membership plan are pre booked into our schedule so you never have to worry about missing an appointment, or fussing to get in on the day and times that suit you and your busy schedule.

Helena Hobson

2019 New Years VIP Member

Before signing up for the 'New Year's Membership', I had visited 'Phat Hair and Makeup' a few times booking in my first appointment last year April. I loved how my hair looked and felt after every appointment and I was super excited when the 'New Year's Membership' was introduced. The convenience of having all my appointments booked for the whole year, same day and time every 12 weeks makes it so much easier to make time for myself especially when having kids. I also love that you make weekly payments, so your appointment is paid for and you don't have to worry about a big sum to pay at the end. I have had Sylvia for all my appointments and she has done an amazing job on my hair. She tells me exactly what's best for my hair and the journey I need to take to get it to where I want it. I always look forward to my next appointment especially knowing that I have such a skillful hairstylist who listens and creates the look I'm after. The salon feel is very relaxing and welcoming, always good music playing and the beverages are a bonus. Overall awesome experience and love that you leave feeling amazing.

Make 2020 Your Year!

Reward yourself with Time - time to reflect and recharge the battery so you can be the best version of yourself cause you deserve it!

Confidence - So you can perform your best and carry yourself with pride and confidence in what ever task is thrown your way! 

Pleasure - Every woman deserves a bit of self maintenance and pleasure, you work so damn hard! what is a few hours of your time going to loose? you are important too. 

Lets get that Mum bun under control and turn you from zero to 100 real quick!!

Our Private VIP Facebook Group

Exclusive to our VIP Members only, we offer specials to our members during the quiet times in the salon.

Colours and Keratin Treatments at Major discounted prices!


 These specials are limited and available to our VIP Clients only. 

Our Promise To You

A Relaxing environment for you to reflect on life and enjoy some you time.

To save you time with making future bookings, we have got you covered by pre booking all your appointments for the year!

A place for you to unwind and tell all! what's said in the salon stays in the salon :)

A Warm Welcome served with Hot and Cold Beverages

Professional Advice to take the pressure off your busy hard working brain

Hair Goals catered especially for you, your hair, and your lifestyle at home

Laughs and Jokes if that's what your into (cause we are)

Most of all Phenomenal High end Service - So great you will want to come and chill will us more!

We Get it, we know the feels! the kettle is on just for you, come on in offload and Enjoy some You Time!

But Why?...

To make life easier for you, pre pay, pre book, and pre plan all your Hair desires ahead of time.


Never have to worry about getting a appointment as you are already pre scheduled for the year!


 Never have to worry about how much your hair is going to cost you as it is already pre paid!


 Never have to worry about time for yourself as it is already pre planned and in your schedule!


Life is so much easier when you plan ahead!


 are you ready for 2020?

Your New Years Resolution is in the palm of your hands!

Do you choose you....?

Your life is your Garden, and your thoughts are your seeds,

if your life isn't awesome

you've been watering the weeds

Jennifer Te Rangi

2019 New Years VIP Member

Kia ora koutou. I have been a client at PHM since Sylvs moved back to NZ in 2014. Over a 4 year period I would make appointments and then have to cancel due to money being tight that particular month and that became a regular thing unfortunately.

Then the memberships became available and I would constantly make excuses as to why I couldn't sign up. But one day while away on holiday last year, I gave in and signed up to the New Year's membership - and I can't even begin to say how life changing it was. I didn't even notice the small fee go out of my account, weekly and neither did my husband. Haha.

And when I would receive a text reminder that my appointment was coming up, it was the best feeling knowing that I could always make my appointments and not have to worry about paying.

Would I recommend the memberships to anyone?

Hell yes. Best decision ever.