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Have the Hair you want all year round!

We all know everyone leaves the salon feeling like a million bucks, but do you know how to keep it like that? Have you thought about your regrowth and what it will look like in 6 weeks time? If your hairdresser hasn't educated you with this information then you should be asking questions....

A lot of new clients come to us with a picture of a celebrity, asking us to give them hair exactly like the picture, I mean yea sure of course we can do that for you today.... But what about tomorrow when you wash your hair and it goes back to its natural state? what about the regrowth that you will have in 6 weeks time? any hairdresser can make you look a certain way but can you do this at home everyday to maintain this look you wish to achieve?

Celebrities have the luxury of having a hair and makeup artist at their finger tips, but majority of us have to do it all on our own. I bet you that after you leave the hairdressers you feel great, hair is flowing in the wind, everything is amazing and going great, then the moment you wash your hair it goes straight up in a ponytail or bun.... am I right?

I bet you do this because one, you either don't have time to do anything with it, or two, you don't know how to blow-dry and style your hair to make it look exactly like it did when you left the salon. Then the regrowth starts coming through, the greys, the dark roots, the brassy blonde, ahhhh help!! your just getting fed up with it all so the hats come out and wallah! your problem is solved! cover it up with a cap! out of sight out of mind easy peasy…. but in the back of your mind your thinking of the hair in the picture, the hair you wish you had.....

If this is you, and you want to break this cycle, book in a no obligation complementary consultation, we will put some time aside for you, to come in and tell us all about it. Having the right Maintenance plan, being guided and educated with the right tools and products to suit you and your everyday cycle will make life that much easier.

12 Month VIP Membership Programmes available to suit every Hair type, every lifestyle, you never have to worry about how much each visit is going to cost you, everything is pre paid and sorted before you step foot in the salon, no more worrying if you can afford it this week, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments that you can afford and put aside for yourself! If I still have your attention... what are you waiting for?.... come and check us out for yourself.

Have the Hair you want all year round with one of our 12 month membership programmes.