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Gift yourself Self Love

We would like to invite you to our Salon, we understand that life can be challenging at times, and getting your hair done is on the bottom of your priority list, but at the top of your self love list. 

Pounamu is a much loved system we have built just for you, no locked in contract, no pre booked appointments, it is simply a gift we have put together for those who wish to have their hair done, but are not in the position to, or dont have the funds available to have their hair done all the time. Without having to use Genoapay, or Oxipay, this system is like a savings account just for you, for your own time away, for those days you need a pick me up.

​To try and accommodate you we have come up with a affordable amount that you can pay into your account here with us at Phat Hair and Makeup every week, fortnight or month.

You can request for the amount to be more, or less, than the required amount. All you have to do is contact us after you have accepted our gift and we can change the amount for you.

You simply pay this amount every week, and it is put into a savings account here with us to use on any service here at Phat Hair and Makeup.

You make your own Appointments, when it suits you.

What you have in your account when you come in for your appointment, is the amount that you can use towards any service in the salon. 

What you have left after your appointment stays in your savings account with us, if your service amount is more you will need to pay the difference on the day.

Think of it as a Special Savings account put aside just for you and no one else.

*Ezypay requires you to agree to Phat Hair and Makeup Terms and Conditions when you join. Although you must agree, these terms and conditions do not apply to you, as you are not locked into a  membership or contract here with Phat Hair and Makeup.

Ezypay Terms and Conditions do Apply to you

Click Below to Start Saving with Pounamu Today!

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