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Why be a Member?

Make life Simple, Easy, Organised and Enjoyable!

Automate all your Hair Appointments, payments, on the days and times that suit you.

Prioritize YOU! 


Automate, and make life easy by being a valued VIP Member


Get the stylist you want, on the day that suits you, at a time u know u can enjoy the one day you get to pamper yourself! Save the heart ache and pre plan, Pre schedule and prepay all your appointments for the whole year in advance with one of our VIP Membership Programs.


Leave all the thinking to the professionals, show up to your appointment, without the stress of paying a hefty bill at the end of your service!


Make life easy, simple, and enjoyable!


Forget about life for a few hours, sit and recharge, reconnect to your purpose, and embrace the full salon experience here at Phat Hair and Makeup.


Why will the VIP Membership plans benefit me?

  • There are a lot of benefits to being a VIP member, one of the mains reasons is simply because this is the perfect opportunity for you to feel your absolute best by maintaining your Hair cut and colours through out the entire year by paying a weekly, fortnightly, or Monthly fee.

  • Goals are put into place for you, so we can work towards achieving the result you wish to achieve in the most professional way possible. 

  • You save with your VIP discounts that you receive through this programme, Instead of paying prices from our Full Price Menu, save on all services.

  • All appointments are pre scheduled, and pre planned, when you come in for your membership appointments you pay no more in the salon unless you wish to upgrade and have another service that is not included in your membership plan. 

  • All appointments and services that are not included in your membership plan, you will have to pay for on the day, however you get a further 10% off all prices on our already 30% discounted VIP Membership Price Menu.

  • All your appointments on your membership plan are pre booked into our schedule so you never have to worry about missing an appointment, or fussing to get in on the day and times that suit you and your busy schedule.

  • To Join our Membership Programme you simply select the plan you wish to join and follow the steps required.

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Reward yourself with Time - time to reflect and recharge the battery so you can be the best version of yourself cause you deserve it!

Confidence - So you can perform your best and carry yourself with pride and confidence in what ever task is thrown your way! 

Pleasure - Every woman deserves a bit of self maintenance and pleasure, you work so damn hard! what is a few hours of your time going to loose? you are important too. 

Lets get that Mum bun under control and turn you from zero to 100 real quick!!

Our Promise to you

A Relaxing environment for you to reflect on life and enjoy some you time

To save you time with making future bookings, we have got you covered by pre booking all your appointments for the year!

A place for you to unwind and tell all! what's said in the salon stays in the salon :)

A Warm Welcome served with Hot and Cold Beverages

Professional Advice to take the pressure off your busy hard working brain

Hair Goals catered especially for you, your hair, and your lifestyle at home

Laughs and Jokes if that's what your into (cause we are)

Most of all Phenomenal High end Service - So great you will want to come and chill will us more!

We Get it, we know the feels! the kettle is on just for you, come on in offload and Enjoy some You Time!



Your life is your Garden, and your thoughts are your seeds,

if your life isn't awesome

you've been watering the weeds


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