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The D-low on Keratin Treatments

🤔I wanna go swimming but I don’t want my hair to get wet…. 🤔Ughhh can you imagine the FRIZZ the uncontrollable FRO that will get unleashed…. 🤔Which Hat should I take to match my outfit when I get out of the water to hide my hair and keep it tamed…. 🤔Hang on maybe ill take my pot of gel and wax so I can cover my hair with it when I get out of the water lol

This is sooooo me right now! not to mention winter is just around the corner and the RAIN!! arghhhhhh!!

If I told you there was a product that is available that will solve all your Frizzy Summer/winter Hair nightmares would you believe me?

Well there is!! Keratin Treatments are your Saviour!🙌

The best way to explain a Keratin Treatment to you is this my friend…..

You know when you straighten your hair and do everything in all your might not to get it wet?.... showering with a towel on your head cause you don’t want it to get wet, swimming without putting your head under the water because you don’t want to wet the hair, putting your Gucci bag over your head when its raining because hello? The hair!.... We all know as soon as any sort of moisture or water touches it, it goes back to its natural state, back to curls, back to the STATE that you HATE!….

Well Lovely!! A Keratin Treatment is your new Best Friend!

Keratin Treatments get rid of 99% Frizz, it acts as a Raincoat on every single strand of hair on your head, protecting every single strand and keeping it in that smooth non frizz state for up to 3 months!!.

Yup you read that right... 3 MONTHS!!

Every time you wash your hair that rain coat of yours wears and tears and gets thinner and thinner. But if you use the Home Hair care that is recommended by Us, this will Help make it last longer and top up your (keratin) raincoat every time you use it.

No more standing on the sand and watching your family and friends swim because your afraid of the FRO.. No more standing still in the water where no one splashes water because of the FRO….

Now you can Go Manu in Style! splash the hell out of the water, whip your hair back and fourth and still walk on the beach with your Kardashian hair! 🤩😇🧜‍♀️💁‍♀️

What if I said you could have all of this for $20.00 per week ALL YEAR ROUND!!

Flick us a Message!! or pick up that phone and call us!! we can help you with this!

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