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Do you have the Luxury to have what you want?

Growing up I failed school, being in the lowest classes mixed with other kids who had no desire to learn. Going to school to look cool, only to wag classes to do what I loved the most, which was Art. Art gave me freedom, the freedom to create what the hell I wanted to create, images and mixing colors in my head which I could bring to life on paper.

I was the type of person where I didn't like to be told what to do, If you told me to do something, depending what it was, you could guarantee that I would carry on with what I was doing and find a different or easier way to go about doing what I was told to do. I liked to do things on my terms, I had to want to do it, or I had to want to do it on my own without someone else telling me what to do. I despised rules other than my own, If I was given a list of rules my motivation went out the window. Can you now tell why I failed School?...

Looking back at life I can now see that I was born with this trait, I Broke both legs and both arms before the age of 5.. Why? probably cause I didn't listen to the rules? I would constantly be grounded after school cause I didn't come home on time and wanted to hang out with my friends instead, Why? cause I didn't follow the rules... I ran away from Home when I was 12 because I wanted to go to my friends house but my parents wouldn't let me, Why? because of the rules... I got pregnant at 16 years old with a child I couldn't support financially, emotionally, and mentally, Why? Because I didn't listen or follow the rules!

The minute she was born I knew for a fact that I was going to give this baby my love, my guidance, my all! It wasn't about me anymore, I had to learn very quickly that what I wanted for me had now turned into "us".... "Me" turned into "We", the hardships I was about to endure during this milestone set a foundation for what we are today.

The first 5 years of parenthood was hard, I missed out on my teenage years, watched all my friends gradually disappear because I couldn't do the things that they could, the freedom of not willing to follow any rules turned into a rehab of having absolutely no bloody choice but to do exactly that! nap times, feeding times, bath times, changing time, buying food nappies, staying home...Now I can see why my parents had all these Rules, now I can see how much of a little shit I was, Now I can understand the importance of it all. Now I can see that they weren't actually rules!! I can now actually say that it was to teach me, to prepare me, to help me for the life I had absolutely no idea about, I had this baby, that was counting on me, to guide her, show her consistency, teach her time management, respect, and love. It was my duty... the one thing in my life I was not going to Fail!

And We did it! not once, not twice, but three times!! Me and my Husband have 3 children together whom we love with our everything. We have both gone through every hurdle in life, together we have learnt the importance of having balance in life, every single problem we have endured in our lives has brought us to this exact very moment, and its true! Everything Happens for a reason!

I believe everyone is put on this universe for a reason, whether you feel like a failure or not you have a purpose! Never give up on yourself, keep searching for your why, look out for the signs, be open minded to receive the things that the universe is giving you, what ever situation you are in at this very moment is just for "Now" go through these things in life with the determination to overcome it! there is gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. Everything you go through the good and the bad are to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare you for the Destination that is waiting for you in the future.

I believe my purpose is to give back to those who crave to feel good about themselves, growing up I couldn't afford to have my hair done... as much as I wanted to have my hair done to feel good as a woman, and feel the inner confidence I desired, I couldn't... having little to no money and a young family to support getting my hair done was a luxury back them... a luxury that I couldn't afford.

This is our purpose, our reason, this empire was built for you! to give you the opportunity to experience and have the luxury that I couldn't have.

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